Toilet Paper Woes or Sweating the Small Stuff

This is the view from our back door today as we sit here and wonder why we are not in a desert somewhere basking in the warm sunshine.  The next best thing to do is to write a blog post about storage, right? In our last post, we talked about storage for bulky items in … Continue reading Toilet Paper Woes or Sweating the Small Stuff


Trapped in the Driver’s Seat

The thing about Class B vans is that space can be limited and tight.  Every aspect of the design has to be just right so that you can combine functionality and (relative) comfort.  We embraced the minimalism that comes with the tiny space, and accepted the need to assemble and disassemble some things on a … Continue reading Trapped in the Driver’s Seat

Chainsaw Massacre – Tiny Home Edition

We like spontaneous travel, but we also like to be prepared. For example, if we happen upon a tree in the middle of the road, we need to have a chainsaw to clear it out of the way, right? We don't really have the space for a chainsaw or for the Jerrycan that needs to … Continue reading Chainsaw Massacre – Tiny Home Edition

An Accidental Ghost Town Encounter

Sisco is not your typical western ghost town from the 1800.  Although it started in the 1880 as a saloon and water-filling  stop for the railway, it remained occupied to some extent well into the 20th century although in decline.  The construction of Route 70, bypassing it, sealed its fate.

The Big RV’eal

We took our time deciding whether the van was a 'he', 'she', or 'it'.  We thought that a name would be nice and you needed to know the gender of the baby before you can name it, right?   We hesitantly tried a few names, but nothing really stuck and we just referred to it as"the … Continue reading The Big RV’eal

Leak in campervan water system

We Sprung a Leak!

So we sprung a leak!  The leak was probably there from the beginning and got progressively worst over time as we drove the van.  We mentioned in previous posts the the pump kicks in when every few minutes,  and then, the discovery of the ominous puddle under the van during our last trip. Well, there … Continue reading We Sprung a Leak!