Quartzsite Rendezvous

We didn't think we'll like Quartzsite, and weren't too sure about the RTR either. It sounded crowded and busy and sure to come with lots of noise and traffic havoc. It wasn't. Quartzsite is just a really interesting cultural phenomena. Not sure if it's where old hippies go to die, or young one come to … Continue reading Quartzsite Rendezvous


Sonora Sunsets Amid Vet Visits

First off, an Emma update.  We were very concerned about her condition as she did not seem to improve, so we made an appointment with a vet in Blythe, California (the closest vet clinic to us).  The animal hospital was very accommodating and the vet saw us within an hour of our call.  She felt … Continue reading Sonora Sunsets Amid Vet Visits

Just when the weather was getting better…

We are back to Yuma.  The temperatures are climbing and the weather forecast for the next few days is what we were hoping for: sunny and warm.  We are going to be a bit brief with this post since we have a bit of a situation on our hands. We can finally go boondocking! We … Continue reading Just when the weather was getting better…

Tombstone To Yuma (Via San Diego)

We left Willcox to continue our journey west in what seemed to be a futile sun quest.  There was a new storm system behind us that we needed to avoid, but we had enough time to make a detour south to visit Tombstone, “the town that wouldn’t die”.  Tombstone didn’t die because it lives for … Continue reading Tombstone To Yuma (Via San Diego)

It Was A Three Dog Night

It was really cold in New Mexico so we pulled into a campground with hookups.  We were skeptical that we'll be able to stay warm in the forecast -14 Celsius even with hookups. We had our portable oil filled radiator (quiet), a small ceramic heater (loud, but effective), an electric blanket (12 volt), propane heater, … Continue reading It Was A Three Dog Night

On The Road Again

Emma said we need to get away from the cold weather, so we tried to comply. We left Ontario on a grey and dreary Christmas Day in search of warmth and sunshine, but instead we've been dodging storms and moving from one weather system to another. Sigh. Our final destination is Arizona (where the sun … Continue reading On The Road Again

Season’s Greetings

Hanukkah and winter solstice came and went, and Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the new year are right around the corner.  Hey, if you are looking for a reason to celebrate, you can always find one!  We wanted to share with you a couple of unusual experiences we had this holiday season;  one has to do with … Continue reading Season’s Greetings

Buffy And The Grease Monkeys

Getting Buffy serviced is not simple. Tony spent a few hours phone and various service chats with dealerships and independent garages trying to find a place that can accommodate the weight of the vehicle on the hoist - she is about 6,500 lb, and the height of the vehicle once elevated on the hoist - … Continue reading Buffy And The Grease Monkeys

So What’s the Problem With Dogs?

There are limitations to travelling with dogs, but to us, the biggest of them all is not being able to take our dog on a hike with us. It was shocking for us to find out that most National parks in Canada and the US do not allow dogs on trails.  Silly us planned our … Continue reading So What’s the Problem With Dogs?

How often should you wash your hair? 33 tips for water management in a small campervan

Class B campervans have fairly small tanks.  That's just the reality of having a smaller Class B.  The Carado Banff has a fresh water capacity of 17.6 US gallons (66.8 liters), a 6 gallon hot water tank (about 22 liters, and a combined Black/grey/galley capacity of 29.5 US gallons or 111.6 liters.  In comparison the … Continue reading How often should you wash your hair? 33 tips for water management in a small campervan

Winter Wonderland Blahs

  We wonder what happened to fall.  We are also a bit resentful that we are still here when there is so much winter outside... This is not what we signed up for! When we bought the campervan, all we saw was the promise of sunshine and rainbows, beaches and desert trails, with mountain backdrops … Continue reading Winter Wonderland Blahs

Moving Target – Our Illusive retirement

The year is coming close to an end and we haven't retired yet.  Weren't we suppose to retire sometimes after last Christmas?  what the heck happened? Yup.  The cat in the photo is us.  The plate of meat is our retirement.Well, just like in the clip above, the target isn't moving at all, but is right … Continue reading Moving Target – Our Illusive retirement

Toilet Paper Woes or Sweating the Small Stuff

This is the view from our back door today as we sit here and wonder why we are not in a desert somewhere basking in the warm sunshine.  The next best thing to do is to write a blog post about storage, right? In our last post, we talked about storage for bulky items in … Continue reading Toilet Paper Woes or Sweating the Small Stuff