Pantry Surprise

We are forever searching for ways to improve the pantry situation in the van.  The overhead cabinets work just fine for Tony, but I have to reach up blindly and rummage in there.  Not ideal. We considered utilizing part of the back cabinet, but it's too far from the kitchen, plus it is technically in … Continue reading Pantry Surprise


The Big Fix

The time has come to take Buffy in for a big repair.  The toilet needs to be replaced and the dead battery needs to be tested and possibly replaced as well.  We drove to the outskirts of London Ontario to Forest City Motorhomes, our trusted dealer who had a new toilet waiting for us. The … Continue reading The Big Fix

Leaky Cowls And Frozen Belts

We love writing about our travels; recreate images of beautiful destinations, life on the road, wildlife encounters, interesting characters that we met along the way, and perhaps a splash of a back road story.  These are our ideal posts.  Instead, here we are writing about winter, dead batteries, serpentine belts, and broken toilets.  If this is … Continue reading Leaky Cowls And Frozen Belts

Run For The Border ❤️ If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will!

We left the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine and started heading north east. There is still a lot of Texas to go through and we drove through Fort Stockton to the Odessa Meteor Crater, an anticlimactic crater if we ever saw one.  The crater is of one of several impact sites in the area … Continue reading Run For The Border ❤️ If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Will!